For the Home Owner

At Passivology, our aim is to support you on your journey towards energy-efficient, sustainable living.

Do you live in a home that is hot in Summer or cold in Winter, or perhaps you're concerned about your household energy costs? Don't worry, we can help! By performing a detailed analysis of your home's thermal performance and providing you with a report outlining cost-effective measures to improve your home's energy efficiency, Passivology can help you get your existing home performing as efficiently as possible.

Read more about Passivology's Thermal Performance Assessment here.

On the other hand, if you're renovating, extending or building a new home, Passivology can provide the guidance to you and your architect / draftsperson during the design phase to ensure your home-to-be is optimized for energy efficiency and sustainability within your budget. We can help during the build to ensure the energy-efficiency components are installed correctly, and as a qualified Passive House Consultant, we can prepare the necessary documentation to have your home certified as a Passive House.


For Architects & Designers

We’d be the first to admit that as a small practice, it’s practically impossible to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in multiple areas. And that’s as true of sustainability and energy efficiency as it is of all the other rapidly-changing aspects of architecture and design.

That’s why Passivology offers consulting services direct to designers. We can act as your undercover subject matter expert, helping fill any gaps in the areas of sustainability, energy efficiency and automation so you’re able to give your clients what they want, as one seamless service offering. We’re happy to have as much or as little direct contact with your client as you prefer.

Passive House consulting

Passive House consulting is Passivology’s core business. Whilst every engagement is slightly different, the process typically includes the following steps:

  • Overview briefing on the key factors affecting energy efficiency
  • Review and feedback of draft plans
  • Development of 3D model based on plans and elevations
  • Development of Passive House thermal model in PHPP
  • On-site supervision to ensure Passive House details are implemented correctly
  • Preparation of required documentation for Passive House certification

Thermal Performance Assessment

Passivology’s Thermal Performance Assessment is a service we have created to identify over-heating / over-cooling problems in existing buildings. Depending on the problem, we use a variety of techniques to pinpoint where and why things are going wrong, including:

  • IR Thermography – using a thermal camera to identify points in an existing structure where heat is escaping
  • Temperature Monitoring and Analytics – recording temperatures in multiple rooms in real time using wireless thermometers, and using data analytics tools to understand when, how and why rooms are getting too hot.

The results of the Thermal Performance assessment are provided to the client as a colour printed report, and include detailed recommendations for how identified problems could be addressed. We highlight the most cost-effective solutions to help ensure you get the best results for your investment.

Home Automation for Energy Efficiency

Prevailing weather conditions and the movement of the Sun from sunrise to sunset throughout the year, create ever-changing thermal conditions to which our buildings should respond by ‘smoothing out’ temperature differences in order to maintain a comfortable range.

In Winter, we generally want more Sun to penetrate the windows, gently warming our rooms. In Summer, we usually want to keep the Sun out as much as possible. If rooms overheat, we need to be able to open windows or skylights to allow cooling breezes to take that heat away.

Optimizing the passive heating and cooling of a home for minimum energy use requires blinds, louvres and windows to be deployed at exactly the right times. Apart from the difficulty in picking the right moment, it can also be a hassle for the occupants. Passivology has developed solutions for continuously monitoring room temperatures and weather conditions, and automatically opening and closing windows and blinds as necessary to help keep the building comfortable.


Next Steps...

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