There really is no need to freeze in Winter, roast in Summer, or pay a fortune in electricity and gas bills just to be comfortable in your own home. Passivology can help you identify any problems, ensure your house design is energy-efficient, and make it smart.

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Find the problem

Passivology’s Thermal Performance Assessment service was created to identify solutions for over-heating / cooling problems in existing buildings.

Design it properly

A properly-designed house should not only look good and function well, it should keep you comfortable and healthy, all year round.

Make it smart

Sometimes you just need to open a window, or close a blind. A smart house knows exactly when to do what, and does it all for you automatically.

Next Steps...

At this stage, you've probably got more questions than answers... Or maybe you'd like someone to bounce some ideas off?

Wherever you're at, I encourage you to get in touch. Let's talk about the possibilities.